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Hi Timm,

I hope this email finds your home sold and you off on an exciting new chapter in your life!! Congratulations! If not, I am the West Point graduate you spoke with Carol about a few months ago. She said you wanted me to give you a call to look into how we can save you well over $14,000.00 on the sale of your home to ensure that you get the greatest return on your largest investment. As you may remember, we are not realtors nor investors, so we do not charge a commission, nor do we lowball the price of your property, giving you the biggest bang for your buck! If your home is still for sale, know that we are an A-rated BBB business and Veteran owned.

With our vetted buyers, we get your money to work as hard for you as you did for it. We want you to know that we understand that you may feel more comfortable with a traditional sale. We can gladly go this route. Know that our Flagship Executive Purchase program is head and shoulders over a traditional sale with the ability to get you roughly 5%-10% or more on the sale of your property without paying a commission (see green highlight table below for an example). As we are buyer funded, you are saving thousands of dollars in commissions.

Buyers looking in your area have already looked into other homes because we did not yet have your permission and approval to tell them about the property. As we haven't been able to sync, I wanted to give you some valuable information in case you are still looking to sell. If not, we also pay $500 (up to $2000) referral fees for any referral that results in a closing.

Below is an example of the communication we usually send after agreeing to your fair purchase price knowing you will not be paying any commissions. This will give you a bit more information for us to discuss.  Please let me know if you have any questions and would like to talk. All responses in the next 24 hours receive a $500 housewarming gift for your new home once you sell with us.


Little Pink Houses of Atlanta (LPHOA) is looking for a couple of properties in and around your area. Your property seems to be a great fit for us and our portfolio via a dynamic and exciting high return Executive Purchase program or a more Traditional Sale as shown below, both, WITHOUT the commission a realtor charges.


We want you to know that we understand that may you feel more comfortable with a traditional sale. We can gladly go this route; however, our Executive Purchase program is head and shoulders above a traditional sale with a real estate agent/broker. Our Executive Purchase program can get you roughly 5%-10% more on the sale of your property without ever paying a commission. As we are buyer funded, you are saving thousands of dollars in commission. If you are willing to wait a short amount of time, that amounts to thousands more for your property in addition to the agreed-upon purchase price. Additionally, every home sold with us provides a family vacation for individuals fighting breast cancer.


If you are priced reasonably; you are likely to get a  $464,999.05 to  $474,999.05 buyer offer for your home (the typical 95% of your current $499,999.00 asking price) and we will market the property higher than the price we agreed to purchase with you, which is why you save in commission fees over going with a realtor. Our primary payment will come from the buyer due to the opportunity we afford. We can assure you that you could realize a large financial savings and larger profit margin by doing either a traditional sale or our Flagship Executive Lease Purchase with us as opposed to selling traditionally with a real estate broker. We have provided a realistic example of how you can make more on the sale of the property in the table below. 

Traditional Sale w/ Real Estate Broker Traditional Sale w/LPHOA LPHOA Executive Lease Purchase
Initial Commission Based Asking Price   $499,999.00  $499,999.00  $499,999.00
Typical 95% of Asking Price   $474,999.05  $                         -  $                          -
3% Real Estate Agent Commission (Seller)   $14,249.97  $0  $0
3% Real Estate Agent Commission (Buyer)   $14,249.97  $0  $0
3% Toward Buyer Closing Costs   $14,999.97  $                         -  $                          -
Non- Commission
Purchase Price
 $464,999.05  $464,999.05
10 Monthly Lease Payments ($2,849.99 ea.)    $                           -  $                         -  $28,499.94
Total    $432,249.14  $464,999.05  $493,498.99

We request 60-90 days to promote your property. The Good News is you are NOT bound to any agreement with us and have 90 days with greater flexibility UNLIKE a realtor who has a 6-Month exclusive agreement they lock you into. During that time, we simply request that you do not market the property for any less than what it is currently being advertised for on Zillow. As well, we request access to your Zillow account so we can field all calls.  

We will follow up in 3-4 days to see if you have any questions and will make arrangements to move forward if you are interested. In the meantime, please contact me if you have any questions or issues while authorizing the agreements. 


LouRay “Ray” Robinson, Affiliate, Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC, 470.588.7465, [email protected]

Robert Kenneth, Senior Advisor, Little Pink Houses of America, LLC, 954.494.2054, [email protected]


A Veteran Owned Business

Ray Robinson’s Bio Can Be Found At:


Personal Cell: 404-849-4341

Graduate of the

USMA West Point

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